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Upgrade for industry 4.0: New driver version extends measurement technology options for PLC users

At the beginning of 2018 the DASYLab SPS Edition was launched. The software package of SL-automation GmbH enables industrial companies to access their programmable logic controllers (PLC) via DASYLab software. About two years after the market launch, the company now delivers a further developed DASYLab SPS Edition with extended functionality. An upgrade, available immediately, extends the scope of action of familiar users and also addresses new companies whose PLCs have not yet been accessible via DASYLab.


On the Pulse of Time

X-Crash, measX's standard software for crash analysis, has again been extended with the current release by test evaluations according to international regulations. Already existing routines were adapted to updated requirements and supplemented by further requirements according to international regulations.


DASYLab 2020 available for download: Great demand for new Version

As planned, DASYLab 2020 was launched on November 14, 2020, and the major release of the popular measurement software was met with an immediate response. The current version offers a multitude of new features that optimally support the requirements of measurement and test engineers and make their daily work even easier.




X-Crash ATD Version 7: Additional Features for Certification

With X-Crash ATD, certification tests of crash test dummies are evaluated according to standards at the push of a button. The highlights of the newly available program version 7 are evaluations for children's dummies of the P series, the integration of the ISO-MME database and the conversion to 64 bit.


Meet our Experts: NIDays Europe, 20.-21. November in Munich, Germany

At the International Congress Center Munich (ICM), Germany you can expect exciting lectures and case studies presented by and with customers from industry. Experience the application proximity and variety of solutions that National Instruments offers with its large partner network worldwide. The exhibition and workshops also invite visitors to take part and try them out.


Technology Days 2019 were a great success

A total of around 80 participants took the opportunity to gather information and exchange ideas during the two Technology Days in a pleasant atmosphere.
For many guests, the highlights were the variety of topics on offer and the opportunity for direct personal discussions, especially with our developers.


New X- Crash Zero Software for Evaluation of Active Vehicle Safety Tests

Parallel to the major release of X-Crash 7, the standard software for crash analysis, measX GmbH & Co. KG will present the program variant X-Crash Zero for active vehicle safety at the SafetyWeek in Wurzburg.
X-Crash Zero supports test centers and automobile manufacturers in testing active safety functions such as emergency braking systems and lane assistants. 

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measX Presents New Features for Crash Test Analysis: X-Crash Version 7

measX GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist for testing and evaluation solutions, publishes its seventh version of X-Crash, the globally recognized standard software for analyzing vehicle safety tests on Safety Week 2019. The version X-Crash 7 offers extended functionalities.
X-Crash is mandatory by Euro NCAP and other consumer protection organizations of the "New Car Assessment Programme" (NCAP) as reference software for the safety rating, the well-known "star rating".

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