• measX X-Frame

Parameterization instead of programming

For translation!!!! X-Frame offers extensive basic functions for data analysis and report generation. On this basis, you can carry out many different evaluations without the need to do any programming yourself.

Defining an evaluation could not be simpler: You only need to parameterize the result layout. This is done by placing the desired display elements (tables, diagrams, ...) on the worksheet via drag-and-drop and assigning the corresponding variables.

Measurement values and formulas can be conveniently selected in tailored dialogs. Mathematical operations, such as smoothing, spline calculation, FFT or classifications, can be parameterized directly in the layout.

X-Frame handles the process of obtaining and preparing the data, carries out the required calculations and creates the result report. Outputting of the results as a PDF or PowerPoint slide deck also takes place automatically.

Once they have been parameterized, layouts can be saved and made available across projects and teams.

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