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As a well-known solution provider and development partner of our customers, we offer know-how transfer in the form of trainings, seminars and individual trainings.

We regularly carry out standard trainings to the software packages DASYLab, DIAdem and LabVIEW. After a short introductory period, you are in a position to create measurement and test applications according to your needs. Based on this, you will expand your basic knowledge to include selected special knowledge so that you can further exploit the performance of your systems.

We also provide seminars and training for our own software packages X-Frame and X-Crash. If necessary, we focus on specific topics, such as Visual Basic Script (VBS), object-oriented programming, or dealing with databases in the context of DIAdem.

Online Training

We also offer our training courses online. All you need is a suitable computer. In addition to a microphone and loudspeaker, it should also have a camera to create a pleasant conversation situation. We use Microsoft Teams to conduct these trainings

Some of our training offers:

Project-specific courses and workshops

We share our knowledge from many years of project experience and show you effective methods for working with the various products. Based on specific, practical applications and the problems submitted by you, our specialized project engineers work with you to develop solution approaches.

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Data acquisition with DASYLab - Fundamentals

Would you like to solve a data acquisition task in a very flexible way without having to learn a programming language? Then the easy-to-use software DASYLab is the perfect tool for you. We regularly offer DASYLab classes at measX in Mönchengladbach and at TFU in Neu-Ulm. But we would be happy to hold this class at your location as well.

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DASYLab and Python Script

Are you a DASYLab user who is missing special functions despite DASYLab’s extensive scope of functionality? Learn from our experts how to easily create your own modules with the scripting language Python.

During the training, you will learn how to work in the script editor, how to access DASYLab functions from “your” module and how to export “your” module when finished and conveniently make it available to other DASYLab installations.

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DIAdem fundamentals training course

Our experienced project engineers from the area of system integration will guide you through this course. Thanks to practical exercises, your learning time at the DIAdem data acquisition workshop will be efficiently structured from the start.

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DIAdem database integration

Take advantage of the diverse and easy-to-use DIAdem functions for communication with databases. Learn how to skillfully create databases and how to use SQL based on the Microsoft ACCESS database.

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Programming with Visual Basic Script

Learn the basics and structures of programming in Visual Basic Script. The object-oriented programming language offers extensive capabilities for individual applications but is nevertheless easy to learn.
This seminar is directed toward beginners and teaches the structure and use of Visual Basic Script step-by-step based on a large number of examples.

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