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X-Crash: Standards-compliant crash test evaluation at the push of a button

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The evaluation software X-Crash is one of the world's leading systems for the evaluation of vehicle safety tests.

As a turnkey system, X-Crash contains internationally applicable crash regulations and evaluation methods, meaning that test data can be analyzed reliably, consistently and in line with pertinent standards:

  • Tests for passive safety (Crash tests)
  • Sled tests
  • Component tests
  • Dummy certification (X-Crash ATD)

Since 2011, X-Crash has been the reference software for the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP): All accredited Euro NCAP crash laboratories worldwide use the measX software for evaluation and report generation.

X-Crash represents a complete solution, from data inspection to the results report – with data management customized for crash testing, convenient tools for data inspection and post-processing and comprehensive analysis and reporting options.

Whether crash test, sled test or component test: both individual tests and complete test series can be quickly and reproducibly analyzed and compared according to current standards and laws. 

Your benefits:

  • Safety: X-Crash is continuously adapted to the internationally applicable laws, crash regulations and evaluation methods.
  • Efficiency: You receive evaluations and reports in the shortest possible time.
  • Reproducibility: Analysis processes are executed largely automatically.
  • Ready to use: As standard software, X-Crash is ready for immediate use.
  • Flexibility: You will enjoy convenient customizing options.
  • Future-proof: X-Crash has a large user base and is under continuous further development.


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These are the highlights:

Interactive viewing and processing of crash data

Before the actual evaluation and documentation of the measurement data, it is generally necessary to inspect and approve the test. X-Crash provides convenient QuickLook functions for this purpose.

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Evaluations and reports according to current standards

Individual tests and entire test series are analyzed with X-Crash according to current laws and consumer protection requirements and can be flexibly compared with each other. The standard package includes an extensive analysis library that is continuously updated and can be easily expanded.

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Proven standards for data exchange

X-Crash supports the download format ISO MME (multimedia data exchange format for impact tests) as well as other standard formats like ASAM ODS (VSIM).

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Synchronous video display

In the QuickLook area, users can view videos and the force distribution on the barriers synchronized with the measurement channels. The synchronization takes place automatically for ISO-MME data. The progression of the barrier forces can also be displayed.

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Integrated test administration

The Test Data Administration function offers convenient data management with predefined projects, such as for various Euro-NCAP tests. Depending on the project type, additional functions are available, such as exporting results to the official Euro-NCAP spreadsheet.

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Support where you need it

We support you from the first installation of the software to the finished implementation and remain available to you for questions, expansion requests and training needs during continued use.

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Extensive customizing options

X-Crash is a fully configured system with a user interface designed for crash testing, predefined evaluations, a wide selection of applicable formulas and other functions. Thanks to the open system architecture, every area of the program can be very easily parameterized and adapted.

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