• MeasX X Conn Runout

High-precision: X-Conn Runout measures shafts

The service life of shafts depends significantly on their true running characteristics, but material damage can also lead shaft failure. measX has developed a mobile, easy-to-use test system that can measure and depict the true running, surface roughness and, if an inductive sensor is used, material alterations in the of shafts.

The system can be used for quality control of the runout tracks during production and assembly as well as for preventive maintenance at the installation site of a shaft. The measurement system is highly precise: even the smallest deviations and damage are detected.

The portable design also makes it easy to use on large shafts that are monitored for runout during operation with no-contact vibration sensors in specific measurement tracks. These measurement tracks are ground into the shaft, polished to minimal roughness and feature the highest surface quality. The high precision of X-Conn Runout of < 1 µm enables precise information to be acquired even from these runout tracks.

Your benefits:

  • Information: Even the smallest damage can be precisely identified and documented.
  • Cost savings: Early information makes early intervention possible.
  • Flexibility: The compact device is portable and can also be used directly at the installation site.
  • Simplicity: X-Conn Runout is convenient to calibrate and easy to use. 


logo x conn Runout 600

These are the highlights:

  • For any shaft diameter > 30 mm
  • Sensors with a precision of 1 µm or better
  • Two measurement channels
  • Comparative evaluation of measurement data
  • Output of the concentricity profile on the screen
  • Automatic generation and printing of log pages
  • All-in-one system with integrated IPC and 1U 19” system or as 2U box for connection to a notebook or PC via USB
  • Robust for rough industrial environments
  • Proven hardware components from National Instruments
  • Acquisition and analysis software based on LabVIEW from National Instruments
  • Intuitive operation