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X-Crash ATD: Dummies on the test bench

X Crash ATD dummy DSCF4118 1024The X-Crash ATD software supports vehicle manufacturers and certification laboratories in the evaluation and certification of dummies according to current statutory requirements. All typical dummy types and methods are taken into account for testing of their biomechanical properties.

X-Crash ATD has the same software base as X-Crash but offers a user interface that is specially customized for activities in the dummy laboratory and an adapted analysis library for analysis and report creation.

X-Crash ATD offers standard support for the data formats ISO MME, ISO (EGV) and DIAdem-DAT as well as the industry-specific exchange format “Equipment Exchange” (*.e2x), which was developed specially for equipment such as dummies and sensors. 

Your benefits:

  • Safety: X-Crash ATD is continuously adapted to the internationally applicable regulations.
  • Efficiency: At the push of a button, you receive analyses that comply with statutory requirements.
  • Ready to use: As standard software, X-Crash ATD is ready for immediate use.
  • Overview: You can easily keep your data organized thanks to integrated test management.
  • Flexibility: You will also enjoy convenient customizing options (VBS or DIAdem functionality).

X-Crash ATD can be used independently of the base software X-Crash. However, users profit from using both programs in parallel. Both software packages have the same basis and are administered in the same way. In addition, customer-specific analysis requirements can be integrated in the same way.


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These are the highlights:

Clear reports

All tests associated with a certification are summarized in a clear report, including with corresponding sensor information, if necessary.

Standard report layouts are supplied, but it is also a very simple matter to define individual reports according to user-specific requirements.

Sample reports:

x crash ATD sample reports 1024

Certification according to current standards

After the data import during which information can be manually added, if necessary, the data is automatically analyzed according to international rules. Existing light barrier signals are also evaluated for speed measurement.

X-Crash ATD provides evaluation functions for all typical types of dummies.

The system can be easily integrated into an automated test setup.

Convenient test management

X-Crash ATD contains practical, file-based test management functions.

Test data, analysis results and reports as well as supplemental information are preserved here in a structured fashion.


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