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Virtual expert seminar on communications engineering relies on the "Easy-to-use" software

(Moenchengladbach, 29 April.2020).The DASYLab software supports lecturers, students and pupils in virtual courses on communications engineering. It is an essential part of the learning system "Signals - Processes - Systems: A Multimedia and Interactive Introduction to Signal Processing" by Ulrich Karrenberg (Springer Vieweg publishing house). The program is available free of charge in the study version DASYLab S.

siprosysThe book at Springer Vieweg :: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783642380525The interactive, multimedia learning system "Signals - Processes - Systems" is a virtual seminar for technical and scientific education and training. The didactic concept aims to convey the basics of digital signal processing directly on the PC in a clear and comprehensible way, so that learning success is also ensured in self-exploratory learning. The learning system uses the internationally established measurement technology software DASYLab for the visualization of signals and processes and for the graphical programming of signal technology systems. As "easy-to-use" software with an intuitive, graphic-interactive operating concept, the program is excellently suited as learning software and has been used successfully in university education for a long time.
The multimedia learning system, which was awarded the German Education Media Prize (digita 2003), offers teachers a wide range of image material, interactive simulations and clear visualizations of signal technology processes for integration in lectures and other courses. Students can use the DASYLab software to experimentally explore even complex signaling processes. The current, 7th edition contains about 300 examples in the form of pre-programmed applications for DASYLab S.
"DASYLab provides an almost complete experimental laboratory with all necessary modules and measuring devices. The software is easy to use and offers all possibilities to develop own systems and to modify them again and again", says author Ulrich Karrenberg, didactician and engineer for communications engineering.
The learning system published by Springer Vieweg is available in German (7th Edition) ) as a book with DVD and as an eBook and English (3rd Edition) as a book with DVD. Further information and a free download for universities and other educational institutions can be found on the website https://www.asat.de.
The learning system uses the internal sound card for data acquisition and data output, but USB audio devices can also be used. Further drivers for data acquisition are included in the industrial versions of DASYLab, for which there are affordable university offers. Support and sales are provided by measX GmbH & Co. KG in Moenchengladbach.


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