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Automate measurements with no programming

Control and regulation tasks as well as simple automation tasks are defined graphically with DASYLab, with no need for programming. For this purpose, the software offers a large selection of function modules that can be positioned in the worksheet and configured.

If it is necessary to realize more complex automation scenarios, simple descriptions with modules and data flow lines are insufficient and it is necessary to implement global variables and event-driven actions. Here, DASYLab offers the target value generator and the state machine module, with which complex test procedures can be bundled within just a few modules.

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dasylab target value generator 600 graphicA configurable target value generator enables precise time-dependent controls with complex control signals. It generates the sequence profile using simple parameterization of the individual program steps used for controlling your test bench, for example. This means that switching processes are implemented synchronously with this control profile.

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Complex test sequences that could otherwise be built using a combination of action modules, trigger modules and relays can be implemented in just a few modules using the state machine module. These sequences are particularly simple to create and maintain because steps in the module can be flexibly added, deleted or reordered as required.

With the conventional setup for a step sequence in DASYLab, all the modules are always processed simultaneously in parallel, even the parts of the step sequence that are not actually needed at the moment. In comparison, only the active parts of the step sequence are processed in the state machine module since all decisions concerning the work step are made in a single module. This considerably decreases processing time and memory requirements.

dasylab state machine 1024 graphic

Professional support

If you so desire, we are happy to create for you a base worksheet that you can continue working with on your own.

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