• measX X-Frame

Powerful formulas – predefined or custom

If an evaluation needs to make use of not only the measured values themselves but also derived values, the “X-Frame formulas” are available. With these formulas, it is possible to carry out both simple and complex calculations, determine proxy values and delineate sections. The formulas can be used like real measurement values in all parts of the program. X-Frame contains an extensive library of formulas that can be flexibly expanded.

Simple arithmetic and “higher mathematics”

In the simplest case, channels can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. But more challenging mathematics is also available as formulas. From calculating sliding averages to integration/cumulation and all the way to Fourier transforms, everything is possible. All formulas can be linked together and nested, allowing for the creation of even more complex calculations.

If only individual sections of channels should be analyzed, functions exist for event selection.

Adding custom formulas

It is easy to create your own formulas and modularly assemble them into complete calculations. A formula editor and an integrated formula debugger are provided to assist you. With simple parameter passing, you can design your formulas to be extremely universal to avoid unnecessary redundancy.

Standardized functions are already exhaustively documented, and individual portions can be integrated into the online help on a project-specific basis.

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