• X-Pedpro

X-Pedpro: Evaluation software for pedestrian protection

measX leg test smallaPLI in use (Image: Euro NCAP)

X-Pedpro is the specialized evaluation software for pedestrian protection tests.

In X-Pedpro, measX's expert knowledge of evaluation systems and vehicle safety is available in a bundled form for pedestrian protection (VRU).

The software contains all evaluations for pedestrian protection and provides comprehensive support for work in this test area.

As an integrated solution for pedestrian protection, X-Pedpro supports both the calibration of the test specimens and the test evaluation. For both, the software guarantees the standard-compliant presentation of results in the usual X-Crash manner. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core tasks.

X-Pedpro supports all relevant international regulations. The system is constantly being expanded to include new test specimens and test specifications.

X Pedpro Example ReportMeaningful, Euro NCAP-compliant presentation in the results report

Your benefits:

  • Time saving: X-Pedpro is precisely tailored to the workflow.
  • Safety: You evaluate reliably in accordance with current international regulations.
  • Service: As a maintenance customer, you automatically receive updates with the latest evaluations.
  • State-of-the-art: You calibrate test specimens using the latest technology.
  • Expertise: You have a partner with three decades of experience in vehicle safety.
  • Efficiency: You only need this one software for standard-compliant test evaluations.

x-pedpro logo

These are the highlights:

All in one: Calibration and evaluation tool

X-Pedpro offers two program modes for calibrating the test specimens (impactors) and evaluating the test. They are tailored in every detail to the pedestrian protection test workflow.

Support for all impactors

X-Pedpro enables state-of-the-art impactor calibration. These impactors are supported:

  • Free Motion Headform
  • Adult Headform 4.8 kg
  • Adult Headform 4.5 kg
  • Child/Small Adult Headform 3.5 kg
  • Child Headform 2.5 kg
  • JASIC Headforms
  • Upper Legform
  • Flex-PLI
  • aPLI

Interactive display & processing of data

X-Pedpro's Quicklook function allows you to change the test data quickly and easily. You can easily delete excess data and unwanted spikes.

Up-to-date international protocols integrated

For both modes - calibration of the test specimens and test evaluation - X-Pedpro contains the current international evaluations and laws:

  • AIS 100
  • FMVSS 201
  • FMVSS 202a
  • KMVSS 102
  • TRIAS 63
  • UN-R12
  • UN-R17
  • UN-R21
  • UN-R44
  • UN-R127


  • Bharat NVSAP
  • C-NCAP
  • Euro NCAP
  • Latin NCAP

Intuitive, uncomplicated, ready-to-use

You can use X-Pedpro directly in both program modes, even if you have no experience with tests to protect vulnerable road users.

Ongoing maintenance & enhancement

Thanks to our involvement in the relevant vehicle safety committees, we are always aware of the applicable testing standards and continuously adapt the software accordingly.

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