• measX X-Zero

Proven standards for data exchange

X-Zero supports the ISO MME (Multimedia data exchange format for impact tests) data exchange format. The software can also handle other common file formats such as MDF4.

The data exchange format ISO MME (ISO-TS 13499), which is now standard in the passive safety sector, was co-developed by measX. The standardization of the data format considerably simplifies data transfer. The format not only regulates the structure of the data files, but also how data channels are to be named and test setups described. This additional information is automatically stored together with the test data and kept permanently.

X-Zero uses internally only ISO MME, but can also read other data formats, convert them to MME, store them and then evaluate them.

Currently supported formats include:

  • MDF4
  • MDF
  • ABD (txt)

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