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X-Crash Advanced HIC: Model based Evaluation of Head Injury Risk

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The standard measure for determining the risk of head injuries are the Head Injury Criterion (HIC) and the complementary Brain Injury Criterion (BrIC). But this evaluation is limited because it only considers seperately the values of the translatory or only the rotational accelerations.

For a more differentiated prediction, the analysis software X-Crash optionally offers the calculation function X-Crash Advanced HIC based on the Strasbourg head model SUFEHM. It also takes into account the relationship between the chronological course of the crash-induced linear and rotational accelerations of the head.

X-Crash Advanced HIC is based on the Strasbourg head model SUFEHM (Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model). SUFEHM is currently the best finite element model of the human head and is used worldwide to determine head injuries by means of simulation.

Your Advantage:

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  • High Meaningfullness: Based on FE model SUFEHM.
  • More Precise Risk Calculation: Takes into account the complex relationship of the time course between linear and rotational accelerations of the head.
  • Relevant Characteristic Values: Load (kPa) and the risk of injury (%) are calculated.
  • Ready-to-use: Turnkey integration into X-Crash.
  • Advantageous: Knowledege in finite elements simulation is not required.

X-Crash Advanced HIC can be acquired additionally or directly with the basic software X-Crash. As part of your X-Crash software package comprehensive support is also available here.


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These are the highlights:

High Meaningfulness through Head Model SUFEHM

X-Crash Advanced HIC uses the Strasbourg University FE Head Model (SUFEHM) to assess the risk of head injury.

This head model takes into account more than 70,000 elements, which are assigned to different tissue groups, so that particularly accurate statements can be made.


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Useful Complement to X-Crash

The X-Crash Advanced HIC option is the perfect complement to your X-Crash application. In addition to comprehensive crashtest analyzes according to current laws and consumer protection requirements, you will receive detailed information on the risk of head injury.

Perfect for THOR Dummys

The X-Crash Advanced HIC function can be used to determine the risk of injury for each head impact, which is characterized by six acceleration curves (3 translation, 3 rotation); The load (kPa) and the risk of injury (%) are calculated.


The different standardization organizations will replace in future the standard calculation of the head injury risk by Head Injury Criterion (HIC) and Brain Injury Criterion (BrIC) by more sophisticated and more complex assessment procedures.

The function X-Crash Advanced HIC allows much more precise statements on the risk of head injury and is evaluated by Euro NCAP.

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