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New maintenance and calibration service for eGAS measuring device

With immediate effect, the company measX offers a calibration and maintenance service for its eGAS measuring device for testing lead acid batteries. The device is the world's first mobile data logger for measuring the outgassing of modern lead-acid batteries. The measX laboratory tests the sensors installed in it for customers.

The further technological development of lead-acid batteries with high charge acceptance (Dynamic Charge Acceptance DCA) requires differentiated knowledge of their charging behaviour. Battery research focuses on the complex chemical side reactions. The outgassing and water loss of the batteries under changing loads and environmental conditions are investigated.

This is what the compact, mobile eGAS measuring device from measX specialises in. It monitors the lead batteries very easily under real conditions, even when they are installed. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, measX offers a comprehensive calibration and maintenance service, as the highly sensitive sensors must be calibrated regularly. This requires highly accurate metering units and calibration gases.

Calibration and replacement of sensors

The service package for the eGAS measuring device includes an input and function test, the standard replacement of the hydrogen sensor and, if necessary, the replacement of other sensors. Software updates are installed and the overall calibration with temperature compensa-tion is performed. A detailed calibration certificate documents the result.

eGAS product pictureThe handy lightweight eGAS provides data on outgassing under real conditions.

Valuable data for battery development

The eGAS meter provides deep insights into the side reactions of advanced DCA batteries with EFB (Enhanced Floor Battery) and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). Research and development is aimed at further improving these technologies, for example by using additives. Automatic start-stop systems and micro-hybrid systems in modern vehicles require high-performance power storage systems that can cope with the high number of charging cycles.

The eGAS device measures the gas flow rate (up to 100 ml/min) and the concentration of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the gas. It also records the voltage and temperature of the battery as well as ambient pressure and temperature. The device display shows the currently measured values. In addition to the normal mains connection, an external power supply with rechargeable battery is available, so that the measuring device can be used very flexibly. Recorded data is stored on an SD card and is available via USB for further analysis.

In the past, gas analysis could only be carried out in large, stationary test systems and at great expense of time. The eGAS device from measX enables development steps to be closely examined using real values. The regular maintenance and calibration of the sensors ensures the quality of measurement and results.

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