• measX Dasylab

High-performance online signal analysis

Measurement signals are packed full of information that cannot always be recognized immediately. Signal analysis is one of DASYLab’s particular strengths. A wide range of function modules for signal processing, mathematics and statistics are available in order to simply but precisely work out the properties of the recorded signals.

Wide-ranging analysis capabilities

Depending on the product level, DASYLab offers basic or extended functions for analyzing the collected data. The spectrum ranges from standard mathematical and statistical functions all the way to complex signal processing with diverse filters and frequency analysis functions. Other examples include modules for third-octave and octave analysis and for convolution and weighting of signals. 

The simple operating principle combined with the wide range of calculation and analysis features makes DASYLab the ideal development tool. Prototypes of applications and systems can be created quickly even if they are to be implemented using another tool later on. Even extensive calculations are carried out in a matter of seconds, making meaningful results available to you in the shortest time possible time.

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