• measX Training

DIAdem database integration

Take advantage of the diverse and easy-to-use DIAdem functions for communication with databases. Learn how to skillfully create databases and how to use SQL based on the Microsoft ACCESS database.

Reliably save measurement data produced with DIAdem in a structured way. Work through specific and practical examples to learn the sorting and filtering options for finding the desired measurement data as well as how to create print-ready reports with DIAdem.

Seminar content:
  • Databases
  • Value and purpose of databases
  • Database design
  • Design of relational databases
  • Attributes, keys and foreign keys
  • 1:n and m:n relationships
  • ER diagram
  • Design of a database
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Queries
  • Data access via SQL
  • Queries
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Data access via DIAdem
  • Data access via VB Script
  • Use of SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Structure of ADO (Access Data Objects)


Recommended prerequisites for the training:

Basic knowledge of working with DIAdem and Visual Basic Script (VBS) are required.

Course duration:

2 days

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