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Designation MD5 Release Note:
▶ Read this urgent hints for updatersUpdates are available free of charge to all existing customers with a current maintenance contract.Other customers need to contact our sales or their respective reseller to get an update. All updates that include a version change require a new serial number.Please note since DASYLab2016 SP2 there is no simple update is available but a complete new installation of the program is necessary and that new serial numbers are required.

▶ Read the Hint for Trial Version All DASYLab versions can be installed without a serial number even for a limited period of time as a trial version. The full functionality can be used (free of charge) for a limited time. During the installation, select the option "Evaluation". After the evaluation period, you must purchase a license. The licensing model includes several versions with different functionalities, which you can find out here.An order can be made via our contact form.

▶ Comparison of DASYLab Versions and Requirements
DASYLab 2022.1 German   29.03.2023 (Build 665 -> Learn more about at DASYLab-Forum)
For DASYLab 2022.1 you need a  valid serial number.
DASYLab 2022.1 English   29.03.2023
DASYLab 2022.1 Japanese   29.03.2023
DASYLab Manual A quick guide to work with DASYLab
DASYLab Extension Toolkit:
DASYLab Extension Toolkit   09.12.2021 Used to create custom modules and drivers
Further DASYLab Version:
DASYLab 2022.0 German   19.09.2022 (Build 501 -> Learn more about at DASYLab-Forum)
For DASYLab 2022.0 you need new serial numbers.
DASYLab 2022.0 English   19.09.2022
DASYLab 2022.0 Japanese   19.09.2022
DASYLab 2020.1 German   29.07.2021 (Build 594 -> Learn m,ore about at DASYLab-Forum)
For DASYLab2020.1 you need a valid serial number.
DASYLab 2020.1 English   29.07.2021
DASYLab 2020.1 Japanese   29.07.2021
DASYLab 2020 German   02.06.2020 (Build 339 -> Learn more about at DASYLab-Forum)
For DASYLab2020 you need a valid serial number.
DASYLab 2020 Englisch   02.06.2020
DASYLab 2016 SP2 German (Build 889)
(full install) 
md5 03.06.2019

These downloads include the complete DASYlab installation including the Service Pack 1. If you want to update your already installed DASYLab 2016 version, please use the links "Service Pack 1" below.

DASYLab 2016 SP2 English (Build889)
(full install) 

md5 03.06.2019
DASYLab 2016  (SP1 ink.) German
(full install) 
md5 01.09.2017
(full install)
md5 01.09.2017
Service Pack 1 für DASYLab 2016 German (Update)  md5   These are update packages for DASYLab 2016. To install follow the instructions in this info file.
Service Pack 1 für DASYLab 2016 English (Update)  md5  
 DASYLab Data Plugin for DIAdem and LabVIEW
Download at
National Instruments
    This plug-in enables DIAdem and LabVIEW to read DASYLab data format files *.DDB/*.DDF.
 previous DASYLab Versions
DASYLab 13     To use these versions you need a valid serial number
DASYLab 12    
measX support tools      

measX quick support tool

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measX meeting tool     Learn more
Other Downloads      
PWM Generator V2    

The Firmware, Manual, Examples (German)
! Only for Version 2 of PWM Generator !