• measX Messtechnik

Computer-aided data acquisition technology for every requirement

The precise detection of physical values forms the basis for all testing, monitoring and automation tasks.

As a specialist in computer-aided data acquisition and an experienced system integrator, measX develops and realizes a wide range of data acquisition applications.

Measurement systems that consist only of a software module and a measurement card are as much a part of our service spectrum as large systems for monitoring complex testing and production processes.

Every measurement system is precisely adapted to the respective task and its conditions. We work primarily with standard components, but we also develop individual hardware and software solutions, when necessary.

Your benefits:

  • Efficiency: Individually customized software ensures high performance.
  • Flexibility: Heterogeneous signals are captured in diverse types of measurement situations.
  • Safety: Precisely adapted systems help to prevent improper operation.
  • Time savings: Workflows and test steps are automated as far as possible.
  • Convenience: The simple, purposeful adaptation of sensors and actuators improves everyday measurement tasks.

The success factors of our data acquisition solutions:

Correct measurement strategy

Every measurement task places specific demands on the system used. Special environmental conditions demand equally special solutions and concrete requirements with regard to operation and budget.

Thanks to comprehensive methodological competence gained over the course of decades, we are capable of classifying even the most complicated problems and assessing special measurement situations.

Our engineers take the time to precisely analyze your needs and your situation. Based on this analysis, they take great care in selecting the optimal measurement method. The correct measurement method is a critical success factor for development test benches in particular.

Step by step to a perfect solution:

  • Detailed analysis of the requirements
  • Consulting, feasibility studies
  • Selection and definition of the measurement methods
  • Implementation concept (hardware and software), specifications
  • Hardware and software implementation
  • Commissioning, training, documentation
  • Maintenance, service and support
  • Supplemental services
  • Expansion and modernization

Powerful data collection

We use standard hardware and software components from various manufacturers for the data collection. The selection criteria are based on the requirements for your measurement task in terms of:

  • Resolution (12 - 24-bit)
  • Performance
  • Measurement reliability
  • Form factors (19” module, desktop, PXI, cRIO, cDAQ, USB…)

Precise signal conditioning

We connect measurement hardware, sensors and actuators, and, if necessary, we also integrate the required signal conditioning – the most important element for properly preparing sensor data.

Already existing hardware and components are integrated, if possible. If new components are required, we rely primarily on standard products from a variety of manufacturers. If necessary, we develop and manufacture custom components. Our focus is always on your benefits.

Custom connection technology

Based on our decades of application experience, we know how much the form factor and ease of operation determine the quality of a measurement system.

Connection technology from measX takes into account the conditions at your site and meets the highest demands with regard to electrical safety, operating reliability and maintainability. Sub-components are always replaceable.

Flexible data acquisition software

We take an expressly solution-oriented approach to our work and select the tool that will optimally fulfill your measurement task.

The most important software tools:

  • DASYLab
  • DIAdem
  • LabVIEW
  • ...

Wherever possible, we make use of standard software. We also develop custom environments on a project-specific basis using C, C++, Delphi, Python and microprocessors.

In-vehicle data acquisition specialty

One area in which measX has special know-how and extensive experience is in-vehicle data acquisition:

  • Investigation of vehicle dynamics (measX software MOSES)
  • Thermal validation of complete vehicles
  • Brake testing systems
  • Data logging
  • Consumption measurements
  • ...
Vehicle dynamics example:

In close cooperation with one of the most renowned car makers, measX has developed software that perfectly supports the user in planning, implementing and evaluating driving tests. You can learn more about MOSES here ...>