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X-LED – The precision system for measuring the brightness of headlight LEDs

Modern vehicle headlights with many individually controllable LEDs are complex systems with high safety requirements. Irregularities can be caused by the control electronics or the interaction of the LEDs in the headlight network. The X-LED modular precision measurement system provides you with a reliable diagnostic tool.

Precise brightness measurements where you need it

  • Function tests
  • Durability tests
  • Aging tests
  • Quality control

Detects brightness with high accuracy

With X-LED, you can measure LEDs in headlights with extremely high accuracy and detect minimal changes in brightness. The control of each individual LED is visible down to the details of the pulse width modulation (PWM). This depth of information is a major advantage over measurements using camera technology and is crucial for evaluating the control electronics..

Your benefits

  • Modular system: Freely scalable, with customised form factor.
  • High-precision detection: Irregularities in the amplitudes of the luminous flux are reliably detected.
  • In-deep analyses: PWM signal behaviour of the control electronics can be detailed assessed.
  • Fully integrable: Suitable interfaces for restbus simulation, test and evaluation software.
  • Easy handling: Convenient connection via fiber optics with plug-in system.

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More precise measurement thanks to fiber optic technology

High-performance optical fibers guide the luminous flux of the LEDs to sensitive photo diodes with very high sensitivity in the visible and near infrared range. These can detect rise and fall times of up to of up to 10 nanoseconds. The connected highly flexible analogue amplifier stage prepares the signal for digital conversion in the data acquisition unit optimally.

The right version for every job

X-LED uses plug-in cards with 4 channels each and is scalable as required. Versions with several hundred channels are easily possible. Depending on the number of channels, we supply the system as a compact housing or in mobile 19" racks.

Easy integration of additional functions

Any common hardware and software can be used for data acquisition and processing. The ideal combination is with NI's PXIe and LabVIEW, for which measX provides a lot of suitable modules. This allows you to easily integrate other systems and signals and for example control climatic chambers and other actuators according to your needs.

The right software for testing and evaluation

To complement the PXIe-based X-LED acquisition system, we develop test and evaluation software that is precisely tailored to your application. This way you quickly get exactly the information you need for your job.


Technical Specifications X-LED
Housing 19inch Technology 3U; 28-84DU (acc. channel count)
Hardware user specific e.g. PXIe by NI 
Measurement Card 3U with 6DU aluminum front panel
Messkanäle each with 4 channels
Cut-Off Frequency 10 MHz
Light Intensity 15 cd - 15000 cd
Light Spectrum: 400 nm to 1100 nm, other spectra on request
Fiber Optics Diameter 980 µm to 2200 µm, other diameters on request
Fiber Optics Heat Resistance -10°C to + 340 °C
Fiber Optics Bracket/Adapter Plastics (optional alu brackets for heavy fiber optics in protective tubing)
Software (optional) Custom tailored

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