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We took data acquisition solutions that proved themselves in numerous customer projects and built them into our own products.

We manufacture these as individual systems or in small series in our own workshop. Customer- or project-specific adaptations can be directly implemented.

measX teaser eGas

eGas Device

Portable instrument for fast in-situ measurement of water loss in modern lead batteries. more ...>

measX teaser x conn pwm

X-Conn PWM

The generator for pulse-width modulated signals can be used in many ways: for example, as a sensor simulator for testing control equipment or for the precise control of pumps, blowers and similar devices. more ...>

measX teaser x conn runout

X-Conn Runout

Mobile and easy-to-use testing system for quality assurance on rotary shafts. The relevant parameters are recorded during continued operation. more ...>

measX teaser eGas


Precision system for measuring the brightness of LEDs in vehicle headlights. Captures the luminous flux down to the details of pulse width modulation. more ...>