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Universal pump test bench presented

At this year’s VIP, the industry gathering of National Instruments, measX presented its most recent product development, the “Pump Test Bench”.
The measX pump test bench (mobile) is a mobile development and testing platform for electric pumps and can be used in all development phases (function, integration and endurance tests).


Anniversary: 35 years of measX

How it all began: “Registered under commercial register number 2568 in Mönchengladbach: DATALOG Systeme zur Messwerterfassung GmbH. The purpose of the company is the sale of systems for data acquisition and the provision of services.”

At the time, our hardware portfolio included exclusive distribution in Germany of the “data logger” products from MS (Mess- & Systemtechnik) in Munich, from CIL England and Adcomp, also in Munich. The computer platforms at the time were the Commodore PET and CBM computers as well as the HP series 98xx.