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measX Technology Days

Measurement technology from Z to A - from the zone of task definition to the final analysis

This is our guiding principle for our Technology Days, to which we have been inviting since 2005. At these informative meetings, solutions based on examples from the various measX fields of activity will be presented, which support our customers from different technical areas in their daily work.

An opportunity for an exchange of experience between engineers and decision-makers alike.

The 1-day events are divided into several lectures with short question rounds and at the end of the day an open discussion in which our visitors can concretely exchange their own questions with our experts.

Technology Days 2019

The measX Technology Days were again dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience between experts.
The focus this year was on "New approaches in measurement technology". We showed basic information on central trends in measurement technology such as machine learning and web-based data evaluation and concrete practical examples from measX. All in all, 80 people listened to the contributions.

MönchengladbachSeptember 24th at Haus Erholung .
StuttgartSeptember 26 at the Dormero Hotel.

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These topics were presented:

  • Full into brakes: Brake circuit manipulation during the ride
    How can we safely test how the vehicle reacts when individual components of the brake system fail on the Proving Ground? To do this, the brake circuits must be manipulated while the vehicle is in motion. In this lecture you will learn how this was achieved with the NI Single Board RIO. An impressive example for the simulation of errors in vehicle tests.

  • Machine Learning applied: An introduction to ML illustrated by a real-life example
    What do artificial intelligence and machine learning offer for measurement and testing technology? You will receive an introduction to this topic and learn how ML methods are successfully used for quality control in the production of ink nibs.

  • Countdown is on: News about the all-round software for measurement technology DASYLab 2020
    Is it even possible to further improve such a proven software like DASYLab? You can. On Technology Day, you will learn first-hand what you can look forward to as a user. New features include the handling of multiple screen layouts, data transfer to the cloud, connection to the measX evaluation tools, new hardware drivers and much more.

  • DASYLab extreme: Semi-automated pump test bench
    The "Easy to use" software DASYLab is an established tool for fast solutions and test setups. Using the example of a complex test system for quality control, you will learn how to use DASYLab to implement even the most demanding test sequences. The State-Machine-Module plays a key role here.

  • Digitally networked: Internet- and cloud-based solutions in measurement technology
    The Internet has become an integral part of measurement technology. In this lecture you will learn how to store the data of your measurement application in the cloud and how to visualize it in a dashboard independent of time, place and platform.

  • Test Data Analysis with Turbo: Universal Evaluation Software in Use
    How can relevant conclusions be drawn more quickly from test data? You will get to know the flexible evaluation tool X-Frame and learn how to generate meaningful analyses and reports with just a few clicks. The possibilities of fully automated server-based evaluation are also highlighted.