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Manage, visualize and analyze measurement data with NI DIAdem

Data-based decisions require reliable tools for the analysis of collected measurement data. One such tool is the standard software DIAdem from NI.

With DIAdem, you can interactively collect and manage measurement data, process it graphically, analyze it mathematically and document the evaluation results in reports.

In this way, DIAdem allows you to concentrate on your core task, the interpretation of the measurement data.

Your benefits:

  • Knowledge: With the help of extensive analysis and display options, you draw valuable insights from your data.
  • Convenience: You benefit from a continuous workflow from data entry to reporting.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to the modular software structure, you can use calculations or layouts that have been defined once again and again.
  • Security: DIAdem has a worldwide user base and has been successful on the market for over 25 years.
  • Flexibility: Custom dialogs, data formats and formulas are integral parts of the software.

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These are the Highlights:

Include and manage all types of data

DIAPanelNAVIGATORWith DIAdem, you import and process data files in a wide variety of file formats and from any source. Via DataFinder or file browser you can quickly find the data you need - locally, in the network or in external data files and databases.

Interactive viewing and editing

DIAPanelVIEWYou can interactively examine data, channels and curves graphically by zooming in on areas, changing points, values or channels and editing them flexibly. Synchronize data from measurement runs with videos and geodata.

Analyze mathematically

DIAPanelANALYSISUse hundreds of calculation and analysis functions to evaluate your data - from standard mathematical functions such as differentiation, FFT or contour line calculation up to analysis functions for more complex requirements. Create your own formulas in the DIAdem calculator.

Create and export reports

DIAPanelREPORTPresent and document the evaluation results in 2D or 3D axis systems, polar axis systems, 2D and 3D tables, texts, comments, formulas and graphics. Create extensive reports in your desired layout and export the reports as PDF or in any other common format.

Automate Workflows

DIAPanelDACAutomate standard calculations and recurring steps from the data import throgh to finished report and create custom user interfaces by writing your own scripts in Python or VBS.


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 Learn more on the pages of the manufactuer here: https://ni.com/diadem