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Proven standards for data exchange

X-Crash supports the download format ISO MME (multimedia data exchange format for impact tests) as well as other standard formats like ASAM ODS (VSIM).

measX participated in the development of the data storage format ISO MME (ISO-TS 13499), which has now become standard in crash testing. Standardizing the data format simplifies data transfer considerably. The format regulates not only the structure of the data files but also how data channels are to be named and test layouts described. This additional information is automatically saved and archived along with the test data.

The ISO code consists of 20 alphanumeric characters (Version ISO MME 2.0) by which relevant information is directly stored with the test data. This includes information on the following:

  • Main test objects (e.g. vehicle or sled)
  • Sub-objects (dummies and retention systems)
  • Coordinate and reference systems
  • Signal source
  • and more

Data records can be quickly located by means of this meta data.

X-Crash offers special additional functions that make the generation and use of ISO-MME data structures as easy as possible; this also takes into account the version ISO MME 2.0.

Alongside ISO MME, X-Crash supports the standard data formats ISO (EGV) and DIAdem for data exchange. Access to other data formats and databases can also be realized.

Do you need support in switching to ISO-MME data structures? 
We would be happy to help you.

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