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Clever data storage

For central data storage in your new data management system, we work with either a file server or a database. The advantages and disadvantages of both solutions are weighed on a project- and customer-specific basis, and we work with you to determine the best solution. Decisive criteria are:

  • Data volumes
  • Number and type of users
  • Tools used
  • Data integrity
  • IT landscape
  • Budget
Convenient and inexpensive: Solution with NI DataFinder

For file-based data storage, we like to work with DataFinder Server from National Instruments. With NI DataFinder, test data can be located independently of the file format. DataFinder Server regularly indexes directories and builds up a database with all descriptive information from the files in each directory. The descriptive information can be searched by means of this database. 

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Individual database design for complex requirements

If the relationships between the data and the descriptive information are more complex, storage data in a custom database is the solution of choice. Here we work primarily with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. We also integrate existing databases of other manufacturers into your solution. Take advantage of our database competence:

  • Setting up the entire database
  • Support with integration into your IT environment
  • Ongoing operation