• measX Moses

For all measurement sensors

MOSES offers a broad spectrum of predefined interfaces for diverse measurement sensors. The time required for configuration of the data acquisition equipment, such as the allocation of analog measurement points and CAN signals as well as scaling, is significantly reduced.

In particular, optical correlation speed sensors and inertial measurement systems are supported.

Predefined interface configurations for Correvit sensors, inertial strap-down platforms, GPS systems and measurement amplifiers simplify configuration of the hardware.

MOSES communicates directly with the external operating software for the sensors. Suitable parameterizations for standard sensors are included for immediate use. Many measurement channels are predefined and can be selected from lists of standard maneuvers. These can be expanded as necessary by user-calculated channels. This ensures that you enjoy maximum flexibility.

Simple calibration

Special comparison maneuvers and a separate mode for calibrations simplify the commissioning of sensor hardware. The zero point adjustment or a 2-point calibration can be performed at the push of a button, even for multiple channels simultaneously.

Broad hardware support
Supported sensors *
Analog inputs  Analog cards from National Instruments
CAN  Vector (CANCard X, CANCard XL), Eberspächer (FlexCard USB)
FlexRay  Eberspächer (FlexCard USB)
IEC-BUS  Measurement Computing
XCP  Supported via Vector Informatik CANape
Ethernet  Matrox video server with fast camera (80 fps)
Inertial platforms  For example: iMAR (iTraceRT-MVT-200, iTraceR-MVT-500, iTraceRT-MVT-510, iTraceRT-MVT-600), DIS-FMS, RMS, Genesys ADMA-G
UC processors with HF distance sensors  Kistler
Correvit sensors  For example: S-HR, S350 Aqua, SFII, SCE, SL, S-Motion
GPS sensors  For example: smart-Pos from iMAR, ...
       * Other sensors and measurement systems on request.