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With X-Zero for More Safety

X-Zero Softtarget

X-Zero, the special software for standard-compliant evaluation of active vehicle safety tests

X-Zero allows you to view and evaluate the test directly in the vehicle. It also offers a wide range of options for subsequent analysis. You can document individual tests in reports and compare entire test series. Numerous formats are available for issuing reports.

X-Zero contains evaluations for common standard tests, such as those specified by Euro NCAP. But also individual evaluation macros can be integrated at any time due to the high flexibility of the system. At the push of a button, you receive meaningful, reliable result reports.

Your benefits:

  • Safety: X-Zero is continuously adapted to the internationally applicable laws, vehicle safety regulations and evaluation methods.
  • Efficiency: You receive evaluations and reports in the shortest possible time.
  • Reproducibility: Analysis processes are executed largely automatically.
  • Ready to use: As standard software, X-Zero is ready for immediate use.
  • Flexibility: You will enjoy convenient customizing options.
  • Future-proof: X-Zero is under continuous further development.


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These are the highlights:

Evaluations and reports according to current standards

Single tests and entire test series are evaluated with X-Zero according to current laws and consumer protection specifications and can be flexibly compared with each other. The standard package contains an extensive evaluation library that is continuously updated and can be conveniently supplemented.

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Validation directly on the test track

X-Zero 2.0 comes with a special, simplified user interface that is intended for use directly on the test track. It is optimized for a tablet and makes it possible to directly evaluate a test that has just been run in an uncomplicated manner.

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Integrated Test Data Management

The Test Data Administration function offers convenient data management. Predefined or your own projects are presented in a clear tree structure.

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Proven standards for data exchange

X-Zero supports the ISO MME (Multimedia data exchange format for impact tests) data exchange format. The software can also handle other common file formats such as MDF4.

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Extensive customizing options

X-Zero is a fully configured system with a user interface designed for crash testing, predefined evaluations, a wide selection of applicable formulas and other functions. Thanks to the open system architecture, every area of the program can be very easily parameterized and adapted.

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Support when needed

We support you from the first installation of the software to the final implementation and remain your contact for questions, enhancement requests and training needs.

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Our solutions for conducting and evaluation of vehicle safety tests:

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The software perfectly supports you in the evaluation of passive vehicle safety tests (crash tests, sled tests, component tests). more ...>

measX teaser X Crash Zero X-Zero

X-Zero allows you to quickly view and evaluate active vehicle safety tests. more...>


SKULL accel 160X-Crash Advanced HIC

The SUFEHM plugin allows more precise evaluation of the head injury risk. more ...>


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X-Crash ATD was specially developed for the evaluation and certification of dummies according to current statutory requirements. more ...>


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MOSES optimally supports you in planning, executing and evaluating your tests on the proving ground. more ...>