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Reach your goal faster with measX software

Based on software solutions that have proven themselves particularly well in various applications, we develop our own software products and continue optimizing them over time.

This software can either be used directly on a turnkey basis, or it forms the foundation for customer-specific specifications.

In addition to software we develop in-house, we also sell the program DASYLab from National Instruments.


measX teaser dasylab


measX is the exclusive partner in Europe for DASYLab from National Instruments. Learn more about this popular, easy-to-use software for the acquisition, analysis and display of measurement data. more ...>

measX teaser x frame


The most efficient solution for your analysis system: This application brings with it many built-in functions. Customer-specific requirements can also be conveniently integrated. more ...>

measX teaser x crash main page

X-Crash / X-Crash ATD

Quickly evaluating and analyzing crash tests in compliance with applicable standards: X-Crash is one of the world’s most renowned systems for the evaluation of passive vehicle safety tests. X-Crash-ATD was developed specially for dummy certification. more ...>

measX teaser x-zero main page


Specialized software for standard-compliant evaluation of active vehicle safety tests. more ...>

measX teaser moses


Consistently maneuver-oriented: We developed the MOSES software system specially for the planning and evaluation of vehicle dynamics testing. more ...>

measX teaser NI-DIAdem


Data-based decisions require reliable tools for the analysis of collected measurement data. One such tool is the standard software DIAdem from NI. more ...>