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DASYLab 2020.1 now also available in Japanese

(Mönchengladbach, August 2, 2021) In close cooperation with our partner P&A Technology, a Japanese variant of version 2020.1 has been completed. The translation of the Easy-to-Use software, which is also appreciated in the Far East, is always associated with effort, especially since the English and German character sets are very different from the Japanese ones.

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X-Zero 2.0: Evaluate ADAS tests directly in the vehicle

Moenchengladbach, GERMANY, 13 July 2021: measX GmbH & Co. KG, specialist for evaluation software, publishes major releases of the programs for vehicle safety. The software X-Crash for crash test evaluation and X-Crash ATD for dummy certification are thus available in version 8.0. X-Zero, the evaluation tool for the testing of assistance driver systems (ADAS), appears in its second edition. The software updates offer additional test specifications and improvements in ease of use and evaluation. With X-Zero 2.0, it is possible for the first time to evaluate ADAS tests already in the test vehicle.

Since its launch in 2019 - then called X-Crash Zero - the X-Zero evaluation software has become the standard for the development and validation of driver assistance systems. "Active safety is now a completely separate topic in the industry. That's why we are dispensing with the name suffix 'Crash' from now on and focusing on the shared Vision Zero - road traffic without crashes," explains Klaas Ebel, Business Development Manager Vehicle Safety at measX.

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Remote audit successfully passed

(Moenchengladbach, 09.03.2021) This year's audit of the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 has been successfully completed by measX. The TÜV Rheinland auditor found no deviations during his surveillance audit and confirmed that the system works very well and reliably.

Due to the pandemic, the audit was conducted almost entirely online this time. Since working remotely is now firmly established at measX, this was possible without any problems. Only a few parts of the operation were checked by the auditor on site.

remote audit 170x90"The successful ISO audit is a nice success and a good start for the year," says Dr. Joachim Hilsmann, Managing Director of measX. "The high quality standards are very important to us and we are pleased with this positive confirmation."

Since 2002, measX has been ISO certified throughout. The current ISO 9001:2015 test seal applies to both company locations - Mönchengladbach and Aachen - and is valid until the end of January 2023.


Software for ADAS system tests X-Crash Zero released with extended range of functions - Updates for the X-Crash family

(Moenchengladbach, 22.02.2021)  Version 1.4.1 of the X-Crash Zero software for evaluating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in modern motor vehicles has been released. Extensive enhancements with analysis support for new test scenarios and the new feature of dynamic graphical display of the test result set new standards in the evaluation of the safety of driver assistance systems.

The software for analyzing tests for active safety systems in the vehicle such as lane and emergency brake assist, which was first released in 2019, receives extensive support for further global standards with this update to Euro NCAP.

For example, full support has now been implemented for the CCR and VRU load cases developed by the American non-profit organization Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Similarly, CCR, VRU and LSS analysis routines have been developed for the Japan New Car Assessment Programme (JNCAP) version 2020.

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New version: DASYLab® 2020.1 available

(Moenchengladbach, 03.12.2020) Current version integrates additional CAN interfaces and further simplifies application development

The new version 2020.1 of the metrology software DASYLab will be available from 3 December. It offers users additional functions for measurement, control and monitoring applications. Special special offers will accompany the version launch.

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DASYLab® 2020.1 supports CAN interfaces from Kvaser

(Moenchengladbach, November 30, 2020) The latest version of the DASYLab measurement software 2020.1 now also supports the CAN interfaces and Loggers from Kvaser. DASYLab users thus have the fifth CAN platform at their disposal.

DASYLab is a universal software tool for implementing a wide variety of measurement, testing and monitoring tasks. The new driver for Kvaser hardware creates an uncomplicated way to integrate CAN networks into an application. Kvaser interfaces and loggers integrate measuring devices connected to the CAN bus via common PC interfaces. Available are adapters for USB, PCI and many other PC interfaces.

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DASYLab® 2020.1 supports CAN interfaces from PEAK-System

(Moenchengladbach, November 24, 2020) The latest version of the DASYLab measurement software 2020.1 now also supports the CAN interfaces of the PCAN series from PEAK-System. DASYLab users thus have the fourth CAN platform at their disposal.

DASYLab is a universal software tool for the implementation of the most varied measuring, testing and monitoring tasks. The new driver for PEAK-System creates an uncomplicated possibility to integrate CAN networks into an application. The interfaces of the PCAN series integrate measuring devices connected to the CAN bus via common PC interfaces. Adapters for USB, PCI and many other PC interfaces are available.

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Final Tests for DASYLab 2020.1 started

(Moenchengladbach, November 5, 2020) The countdown started today. After months of intensive development work, final tests for DASYLab 2020.1 have begun at measX. The new version of the "Easy to use" metrology software will offer a whole bunch of extensions and improvements. Roll-out is scheduled for the beginning of December, but even those who order now will automatically receive a version update.

The DASYLab developers fulfilled a long-held wish with the new zoom function: the worksheet view can be enlarged in 25 percent steps and edited as usual at the selected zoom level. This makes working much more pleasant, especially at high screen resolutions - keyword 4K -; up to now, modules and switching connections were displayed too small at high resolutions.

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New maintenance and calibration service for eGAS measuring device

eGAS product picture
With immediate effect, the company measX offers a calibration and maintenance service for its eGAS measuring device for testing lead acid batteries. The device is the world's first mobile data logger for measuring the outgassing of modern lead-acid batteries. The measX laboratory tests the sensors installed in it for customers.

The further technological development of lead-acid batteries with high charge acceptance (Dynamic Charge Acceptance DCA) requires differentiated knowledge of their charging behaviour. Battery research focuses on the complex chemical side reactions. The outgassing and water loss of the batteries under changing loads and environmental conditions are investigated.

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