• measX Training

DASYLab and Python Script

Are you a DASYLab user who is missing special functions despite DASYLab’s extensive scope of functionality? Learn from our experts how to easily create your own modules with the scripting language Python.

During the training, you will learn how to work in the script editor, how to access DASYLab functions from “your” module and how to export “your” module when finished and conveniently make it available to other DASYLab installations.

Seminar content:

  • General information about DASYLab modules and the script module
  • The script module dialogs
  • DASYLab script editor
  • Structure of the scripts
  • Dialog options
  • Access to DASYLab functions from the script
  • Channel types and flags
  • Managing script modules (exporting, making a package, integration)
Recommended prerequisites for the training:

Experience with DASYLab and programming knowledge of scripting languages are required.

Course duration:

2 days

Hint:  Usually our planed Trainings are in German language. To get your individual training in English please contact us.