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New release: X-Crash Version 6.5

The crash analysis software X-Crash and the dummy certification software X-Crash ATD are now released in version 6.5.
New features in the crash analysis include new evaluation packages for ASEAN NCAP and ANCAP, while X-Crash ATD scores with new evaluation routines.


In addition, the templates in X-Crash have been adapted to the standards recently updated by Euro NCAP and small corrections have been added to the far-side area. Additionally, two more evaluation packages (Frontal ODB and Side MDB) have been added for the JNCAP. In the SUFEHM area, support for the new version of the SUFEHM box has been implemented.
For the calibration of the THOR 50% (SBL-A and -B) in X-Crash ATD Version 6.5 various corrections and for static tests of the Flex-PLI new evaluations have been added.
Further details can be found in the corresponding change history, which is delivered together with the current version to maintenance customers.
Once again, the X-Crash development underlines its claim to timeliness and the commitment to take into account current developments in the standards. At the same time, the plans for the upcoming version 7 are in full swing.

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