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X-Crash 8.5 supports latest NCAP regulations

(Mönchengladbach, March 06, 2024) measX, specialist for evaluation software, has published a regular release of the X-Crash software for passive vehicle safety tests. Version 8.5 supports all current evaluation regulations - including the regulations published by the international evaluation programs for new vehicles (NCAP) at the beginning of 2024.

With the new NCAP regulations, further tests are mandatory for the safety rating of new vehicles. The necessary evaluations are already fully integrated in X-Crash 8.5. Users can evaluate all prescribed tests directly according to the current international standards.

This means that the X-Crash evaluation library now contains 479 evaluations and covers all relevant international crash regulations and evaluation methods for passive vehicle safety.

"We publish a program update up to three times a year to reflect global regulations for our customers. This is our primary goal and we have succeeded again this time. We are well networked internationally and work closely with the standard-setting organizations," says Klaas Ebel, Head of Vehicle Safety at measX.

The aim of the international assessment programs for new vehicles is to ensure the greatest possible safety on the road. Safety-critical load cases are identified on an ongoing basis and integrated into the safety ratings. From 2024, new evaluations for side impact tests with driver and front passenger will be mandatory, which X-Crash 8.5 already supports.

X-Crash has been the world's leading evaluation tool for passive vehicle safety tests for 25 years and has been Euro NCAP's reference software since 2011.

Verletzungsrisiko zwischen Fahrer und Beifahrer im Fokus: X-Crash 8.5 wertet die Tests  normgerecht aus. Bildquelle: Euro NCAPFocus on the risk of injury between driver and front passenger: X-Crash 8.5 evaluates the tests in accordance with the standards. Image: Euro NCAP

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PR Download: PM20240306_measX_X_Crash_Update_8_5.zip

Image: PM20240306_596554_EuroNCAP.png

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