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New software tool for pedestrian protection

(Mönchengladbach, May 2024) measX has launched evaluation software specifically for pedestrian protection. With X-Pedpro, measX bundles its expert knowledge for the evaluation of pedestrian protection tests in one tool for the entire test procedure. X-Pedpro can be seen live at SafetyWeek 2024 and Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024.

The X-Pedpro software contains all relevant evaluations for pedestrian protection tests. It offers an integrated solution that provides comprehensive support for pedestrian protection work - from the calibration of test specimens to the evaluation of test data.

In its function as a calibration tool, X-Pedpro takes over the standard-compliant evaluation of the calibration measurements. The software supports all common impactors: Free Motion Headform, Adult Headform 4.8 kg, Adult Headform 4.5 kg, Child/Small Adult Headform 3.5 kg, Child Headform 2.5 kg, JASIC Headforms, Upper Legform, Flex-PLI and aPLI.

X-Pedpro contains an extensive library with the protocols of all relevant international regulations for evaluating the tests: AIS 100, FMVSS 201, FMVSS 202a, KMVSS 102, TRIAS 63, UN-R12, UN-R17, UN-R21, UN-R44 and UN-R127 as well as the NCAPs: ANCAP, Bharat NVSAP, C- NCAP, Euro NCAP and Latin NCAP. New standards and test regulations are constantly being added to the software.

X-Pedpro presents the summarized results analogous to the assessment system of the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) with Grid and the Pelvis and Leg areas. This also makes reporting easier.

"With X-Pedpro, this test area, which is valuable for Euro NCAP, for example, now has its own software tool for the first time. In the same quality that users are accustomed to from the standard X-Crash and X-Crash ATD software. X-Pedpro also incorporates three decades of experience with a broad international user base," says Klaas Ebel, Head of Vehicle Safety at measX.

measX will be presenting the X-Pedpro evaluation system for pedestrian protection at SafetyWeek in Hanau (May 14 - 16) and Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart (June 4 - 6).

"A software tool specifically for pedestrian protection is a useful addition to our evaluation systems for occupant protection and active safety to support the teams in pedestrian protection", explains Klaas Ebel.

In the tests to protect unprotected road users, head and leg impactors are shot at the front of the vehicle to determine the risk of injury in the event of a collision with the vehicle.

The aim is to identify measures on the vehicle that help to reduce the severity of the consequences of an accident in the event of a human-vehicle collision. This can be achieved, for example, by making design adjustments to the front of the vehicle.

Further information on X-Pedpro can be found at https://www.measx.com/x-pedpro .

Pedestrian protection test with the latest leg impactor aPLI (Advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor) Source: Euro NCAPPedestrian protection test with the latest leg impactor aPLI (Advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor) Image: Euro NCAP

Learn more about X-Pedpro: X-Pedpro: Integrated Solution for Pedestrian Protection ...>

PR Download: zipPM20240507_measX_Release_X-Pedpro.zip