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Updates for Vehicle Safety Products

Moenchengladbach, Dec. 10, 2021: The evaluation systems from measX for passive and active vehicle safety are available in new versions. X-Crash 8.1, X-Zero 2.1 and X-Crash ATD 8.1 offer a variety of new functions.

X-Crash, specialized in the evaluation of passive safety tests, has added more than twenty new assessments with the 8.1 update. Already integrated regulations were updated or supplemented. From full scale crash tests to pedestrian protection, the software automatically evaluates measurement data according to those standards. X-Crash is the reference software for international evaluation programs for new vehicles (NCAP).

X-Zero helps evaluate tests of driver assistance systems such as emergency braking, lane departure warning systems and those where vulnerable road users or other vehicles interact with the vehicle under test. With the release of X-Zero 2.1, various evaluation packages were adapted to meet the latest requirements. For example, it contains the new evaluation package for blind spot detection for the Chinese NCAP rating (C-NCAP Blind Spot Detection), among others. The developers further expanded the "On Road" program mode of X-Zero. This mode is used when the software is used in the vehicle under test. Maneuvers that were executed can  be assessed immediately and repeated quickly if necessary. "Feedback from customers confirms that this improves the workflow on the test site enormously," says Klaas Ebel, Vehicle Safety Department Manager at measX.

Additional functions are offered by the update X-Crash ATD 8.1 for dummy certification: The current version contains significantly extended calibration routines for  various crash test dummies such as THOR and P2. New is a comprehensive evaluation package for the latest "aPLI" leg (advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor), which will be mandatory for European pedestrian protection tests from 2023 on. With the aPLI, the impact event can be measured even more realistically than with its predecessor FlexPLI.

Pedestrian protection measures under test: The new leg test body aPLI allows the risk of injury tobe assessed even more realistically.. (Source: Euro NCAP)

"We follow the development of the test requirements and devices very closely and work out the associated evaluations - both in X-Crash for the actual crash tests and in X-Crash ATD for the calibration of the test devices. This means that automotive developers and test laboratories that use our products are on the safe side,"  explains Klaas Ebel from measX. Klaas Ebel adds: "Close cooperation with customers and a sympathetic ear for their various needs are crucial for our development. Our tools help to make the daily work for road safety efficient."

Our solutions for conducting and evaluation of vehicle safety tests:

measX teaser x crashX-Crash

The software perfectly supports you in the evaluation of passive vehicle safety tests (crash tests, sled tests, component tests). more ...>

measX teaser X Crash Zero X-Zero

X-Zero allows you to quickly view and evaluate active vehicle safety tests. more...>

measX teaser X-Pedpro X-Pedpro

X-Pedpro is the specialized evaluation software for pedestrian protection tests.  more...>

SKULL accel 160X-Crash Advanced HIC

The SUFEHM plugin allows more precise evaluation of the head injury risk. more ...>

measX teaser x crash atd X-Crash ATD

X-Crash ATD was specially developed for the evaluation and certification of dummies according to current statutory requirements. more ...>

measX teaser moses MOSES

MOSES optimally supports you in planning, executing and evaluating your tests on the proving ground. more ...>