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DASYLab SPS Edition 2022.1: New Functions

(Mönchengladbach, March 20, 2023) The DASYLab SPS Edition, the tool to setup and maintenace PLCs for equipments and plants waas just released in version 2022.1.  The new version offers an extension of the functional scope compared to the previous versions as well as bug fixes in the driver module for the S7 module.

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An important point is the newly implemented support of TIA Portal in version V17. This allows the symbol import of TIA Portal V17 projects and the online symbol import of PLC systems that were projected with TIA Portal V17. An access password to the TIA controllers can now be stored if desired.

A block size larger than 1 is now also supported, enabling higher sampling rates and thus faster readout of the PLC. The access to PLCs of the types S7-1500 CPUs with FW 2.9.2, S7-1200 CPUs with FW 4.5 and PLC Simulation SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0 and V4.0 S7-1507D TF CPU with firmware 2.8 has been added to the Treinber.

The DASYLab PLC Edition is maintained by SL-automation GmbH & Co.KG, a sister company of measX. The Siemens PLC driver can also be integrated into standard DASYLab versions. Please contact us for more information.

Visit the SL-automation page with many examples for using DASYlab with Siemens PLCs.