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messweb masters: measX shows precision measurement system for headlight testing

The messweb masters in the Motorworld Region Stuttgart (September 27-28, 2022) is the perfect setting for measX to demonstrate the new precision measurement system X-LED for brightness measurement of LEDs in vehicle headlights. In addition, measX will show examples of customized inspection, test and evaluation applications for the automotive industry.

High precision diagnostic tool

With X-LED, measX presents a valuable tool for testing intelligent automotive lighting systems that must reliably fulfill a variety of lighting and design functions. The measurement system detects the smallest disturbances in the luminous flux and makes the control of each individual LED visible down to the details of the pulse width modulation. This is a major advantage over camera-based solutions and is crucial for detailed evaluation of the control electronics.

The X-LED system owes its high precision to the light measurement technology used, which optimally combines fiber optic technology, highly sensitive photodiodes and customized data acquisition.

Modular from A to Z and highly scalable, X-LED can be easily adapted to customer-specific requirements. Interfaces for software integration and for residual bus simulation are already implemented, so that even predefined complex lighting scenarios can be analyzed precisely. The experts at measX develop the appropriate test and evaluation software on a customer-specific basis.

We are pleased to present X-LED at the exhibition!

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More information and registration: https://www.messweb-masters.de



Get detailed info about X-LED here!