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Software for ADAS system tests X-Crash Zero released with extended range of functions - Updates for the X-Crash family

(Moenchengladbach, 22.02.2021)  Version 1.4.1 of the X-Crash Zero software for evaluating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in modern motor vehicles has been released. Extensive enhancements with analysis support for new test scenarios and the new feature of dynamic graphical display of the test result set new standards in the evaluation of the safety of driver assistance systems.

The software for analyzing tests for active safety systems in the vehicle such as lane and emergency brake assist, which was first released in 2019, receives extensive support for further global standards with this update to Euro NCAP.

For example, full support has now been implemented for the CCR and VRU load cases developed by the American non-profit organization Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Similarly, CCR, VRU and LSS analysis routines have been developed for the Japan New Car Assessment Programme (JNCAP) version 2020.

x crash zero schemaFig. 1: Active Safety evaluation scheme

One innovation in this version: for the first time, the scenarios performed on a test track and the determined result, ideally a prevented accident, can be displayed graphically in the results report (Fig. 1). The developers, who otherwise specialize in figures, tables and diagrams, designed schematics with vehicles and roadways that optimally presents and documents the test result.

X-Crash, the crash test evaluation software established worldwide by OEMs and T1s, has also undergone many updates. In addition to the usual adaptations, such as the integration of the result report for Euro NCAP in version 2020.1, there have been additions to the Euro NCAP evaluations for Euro NCAP 2020 Pedestrian and Euro NCAP 2020 Miscellaneous. For other regulations, especially those in the Asian area of influence but also in the Latin American area of application, the evaluations have also been considerably extended (ANCAP, China NCAP Frontal Impact/Whiplash/Airbag Test, Japan NCAP, Latin NCAP).

All maintenance customers will also receive updates to existing evaluation macros for Euro NCAP, China NCAP, ANCAP, IIHS, Korean NCAP and ECE with this update. For example, in the ECE R137 from 03.01.2021 a distinction is made between the vehicle classes M1 and N1, which are now also taken into account in the new version.

The new version X-Crash ATD, the software for dummy calibration, also underwent some important enhancements and changes. Q3s has been updated to 49 CFR Part 572, Subpart W, 2020-11-03, and the existing THOR evaluation has been adapted to Euro NCAP TB 026, Version 1.1, August 2020. In addition, a new evaluation according to Euro NCAP TB 026, version 1.2, November 2020 was added for the new dummy type "THOR 50% (Euro NCAP V1.2)". As the last software of the X-Crash family, X-Crash ATD now also supports the NI DIAdem™ 2020 version.

The X-Crash product family provides the world's leading evaluation for passive and active vehicle safety testing and dummy calibration, which is the reference software for safety rating by Euro NCAP and other organizations. The extensive evaluation library is continuously adapted to current and future test regulations in close cooperation with users. The X-Crash software covers all relevant regulations worldwide.

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