• measX Test Rig Technology

Modernization: Complex test system for car wheels

Customer: Daimler AG
Area: Automotive industry / R&D 
Requirements: Test bench for the testing of car wheels at speeds of up to 250 km/h
Implementation: Hardware: Existing system / software: LabVIEW RT

Upgrade for a highly dynamic test bench for the testing of car wheels: After 10 years of operation, the measurement hardware and operating computer had to be replaced. The challenge lay in the intermeshed nature of the system with PLC, active signal conditioning, LabVIEW RT regulation and LabVIEW host application. In the course of the modernization, a replacement was created for the customer-specific signal conditioning and the belt position regulation was switched from PLC to LabVIEW RT. While the entire system was refurbished, it was possible to continue using the test bench itself and the PLC safety functions. This resulted in significant cost savings.

Flat bed tire test bench daimler FRP 2004 09 003 1024