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DASYLab® 2020.1 supports CAN interfaces from PEAK-System

(Moenchengladbach, November 24, 2020) The latest version of the DASYLab measurement software 2020.1 now also supports the CAN interfaces of the PCAN series from PEAK-System. DASYLab users thus have the fourth CAN platform at their disposal.

DASYLab is a universal software tool for the implementation of the most varied measuring, testing and monitoring tasks. The new driver for PEAK-System creates an uncomplicated possibility to integrate CAN networks into an application. The interfaces of the PCAN series integrate measuring devices connected to the CAN bus via common PC interfaces. Adapters for USB, PCI and many other PC interfaces are available.

DASYLab Support Website PEAK-System CAN-Interfaces now supported by DASYLab

The standard API of PEAK-System integrated in DASYLab ensures highest system compatibility and up-to-dateness.

PEAK-System from Darmstadt is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for automotive and industrial communication. The focus is on the field buses CAN (FD) and LIN.

Together with solutions from HMS Industrial Networks, NI (National Instruments) and Vector Informatik, DASYLab users can now access a total of four different CAN hardware platforms.

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