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X-Crash ATD Version 7: Additional Features for Certification

With X-Crash ATD, certification tests of crash test dummies are evaluated according to standards at the push of a button. The highlights of the newly available program version 7 are evaluations for children's dummies of the P series, the integration of the ISO-MME database and the conversion to 64 bit.

Crash test dummies regularly drive against barriers and experience accident scenarios of all kinds for vehicle safety tests in new cars. To ensure that the sensors and physical properties of the dummies always provide reliable data, they must be regularly calibrated. This takes time and is often carried out by external service providers, which adds the logistical times to the actual calibration. With X-Crash ATD and corresponding test benches, this calibration becomes child's play and crash laboratories speed up the execution of the tests, as dummies can be used again more quickly.

More tests for child protection

DL2020 Layout DialogImage: Graphically supported search in the measuring channels

X-Crash ATD supports evaluations for all common dummy types. In version 7 routines for the children dummies P1, P2, P4 and P5 have been added. The inmate protection of children is becoming increasingly important in the star rating of the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme). Dummies adapted in size and weight represent children of different ages.

ISO-MME database

The ISO-MME standard specifies how the measured quantity, position and type of the sensor are to be coded in code names. The ISO-MME database has been included in X-Crash ATD 7 to assist users in "reading" the channel codes. Especially useful: The graphical dummy view shows the ISO-MME specified channel names at the respective measurement positions.

64 bit compatible

With version 7, X-Crash ATD is available for both 32- and 64-bit environments. It also supports all 64-bit DIAdem versions from 2017.

Efficient process

After each crash test, it is checked according to strict specifications whether the biomechanical properties of the dummy are still present and whether the sensors function perfectly. X-Crash ATD accelerates the certification process with type-specific evaluations and clear reports. The dummy can quickly move on to its next assignment.

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