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X-Crash Version 6.3 with more Analysis Features

The measX software X-Crash for evaluating vehicle safety tests is continuously adapted and improved to meet international crash regulations and assessment methods.
The last update 6.3 can now be used in conjunction with DIAdem 2017 and contains new evaluations for the increased test requirements of NCAP evaluation programs for new vehicles.

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These are the most important changes of version 6.3:

  • Adapted to DIAdem 2017 32bit.
  • Evaluations for the new far-side tests of Euro NCAP to improve passenger protection. X-Crash 6.3 supports all evaluations required for the 5-star rating in 2020.
  • Option X-Crash Advanced HIC for calculation of head injury criterion SUFEHM. This criterion has been newly introduced by Euro NCAP in the context of far-side trials. It allows differentiated statements on head injury risk and will be evaluated by Euro NCAP in the next two years.
  • Additional evaluations for the Mobile Barrier Front Impact required by Euro NCAP 2020, including evaluations for adult dummy H3 and children's dummies.
  • Extended evaluations for China NCAP 2018 and a new evaluation package for the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 214 (CMVSS)..

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