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DASYLab 2016 Service Pack 1 released

With Service Pack 1 DASYLab 2016 improves again. This free update contains minor changes and interesting new features.

In particular, the DASYLab 2016 Service Pack 1 provides some extensions for the state machine module. This module has been available since DASYLab 2016 and is a highlight of the current version. With it, complex test sequences can be implemented into a few modules. The conditions for state transitions can now be linked even more flexibly, and resetting the module is now simply possible.

The users of dasylab logoDASYLAB 2016 will also be pleased with the minor changes and adjustments that the service pack brings. For example, the "combi-trigger" module has new selection option for the start and stop conditions. General processing functions have also been optimized: Among other things, when copying a DASYLab circuit diagram into the clipboard, a higher-resolution and thus more readable image is now produced.

Of course, current improvements to the DASYLab drivers have also been included in the service pack: In the case of the Modbus output driver, a rate dependent on the data rate at the module input can be selected as an alternative to the fixed sender rate used so far. In addition, the conversion of the floating point numbers in the InstruNet driver has been corrected.

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