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Image Copyrights


All images and texts used on this website may only be used with the explicit, prior and written approval of measX. measX is not responsible for the correctness of the information. We reserve the right to change specifications. Material used on our web pages from external sources may only be used with the consent of the respective copyright owner. For any unauthorized use, measX assumes no liability.

We used pictures from different sources. You will find a listing in the following table:


Pictures in Content Copyright/Source used in
Infiniti Front Infiniti Deutschland Test software for sensor systems
Network Car Delphi Testing on-board network architectures
Vehicle Engine DEUTZ AG Teaser: Test Data Management
Several event pictures Jochen Brood - brood.tv measX Roadshow 2019
Pictures used in several design elementes such as headers, teasers, etc.
Man with Touchscreen © Coloures-pic / Fotolia.com  
Hands typing on computer laptop © Kurhan / Fotolia.com  
Call Center Employee Using Headset While Looking Away © Tyler Olson / Fotolia.com  
Blue arrow path across labyrinth © madgooch / Fotolia.com  
Positive smiling man making notes on the board © Viacheslav Iakobchuk / Fotolia.com  
Globalization concept © Sergey Nivens / Fotolia.com  
Man hand checking car battery on car engine background © ilovephoto_KA / shutterstock.com  
business people © ImageFlow / shutterstock.com  
Active Safety Test with Pedestrian © uwerattay  
Street with cars and Motorcycles © Evgeny Bakharev / shutterstock