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X-Crash®   !!!  New Version 6.0 !!!

With Version 6.0 measX introduces the newest release of the turnkey software solution to analyze experiments in vehicle safety.

Like its predecessors it is also based on standard software DIAdem from National Instruments DIAdem, but needs at least a 2012 DIAdem version.

X-Crash - Where precision matters      

If you think about vehicle safety, think about X-Crash

Evaluation of crash tests, sled tests, component tests and dummy calibration
Compliant to international regulations, laws and rating programs
Powerful, extendable and fl exible by using National Instruments DIAdem
Open for your data: VSAS database, DIAdem, ISO-MME, ASAM-ODS,...
Synchronized viewing of videos and channels

Comparative data viewing and analysis

X-Crash – The Analysis System for Vehicle Safety Tests - Version 6.0

Ready to use –
The complete software solution contains all necessary functions from data viewing to the final report

Configurable –
Look & feel, analysis algorithms, and report layouts are customizable to your needs

Comfortable –
Easy to use with a user interface tailored to the processes in Crash Analysist

Safe investment–
The standard DIAdem and our development tool X-Frame guarantee long term availability and continuous development

Complete Service –
We do not leave you alone. measX supports its customers from the installation to the complete implementation of the application

Compliance –
The algorithms comply to international regulations, standards (FMVSS, ADR, TRIAS, ECE, EU)
and criterions (IIHS, USNCAP, LINCAP, Euro NCAP)

Always up to date –
With the measX maintenance contract



Euro NCAP count on X-Crash

The Euro NCAP, European New Car Assessment Program, requires from all its accredited crash-test facilities to use the measX software package X-Crash for evalua-tion and report generation. The Euro NCAP is working with seven accredited crash laboratories in Europe, which regularly rate vehicles for safety and evaluate the re-sults in the well-known star-rating. The tests in the areas of occupant safety frontal and side impact, pedestrian safety and others are evaluated with X-Crash and the rating reports are created automatically.
Euro NCAP chose X-Crash, because it provides a complete implementation of all evaluation criteria that are kept constantly up to date.


  • Open for your data whether VSAS Database, DIAdem, ISO-MME;ASAM-ODS or your individual data structure upon request
  • Compliant to international regulations and laws ( FMVSS, xMVSS, ADR, TRIAS, ECE, EU) and rating programs (IIHS, USNCAP, LINCAP, EuroNCAP)
  • Extendable in all function (areas: report layouts, algorithms, limits and filters
  • Powerful macro library (VBS) lets you create your own analysis application
  • Comparative test data analysis? Our macro library contains all necessary functions
  • Comfortable and efficient report generation:
    automatic, clear, cover generation, content page and report summary are included and configurable
  • Powerful export functions into PDF or Power Point
  • Synchronization of video and test data
  • ATD calibration supports all standard dummies and test procedures


Data Management
Version 4 has been extended by a test data administration. It allows organizing test data within projects. Predefined project types support the user to create new projects. An example for such a project type is the EuroNCAP project. This project includes frontal, side and pole impact, the whiplash and pedestrian tests.
X-Crash provides predefined project types, but the user can define his own types as well.

Data Viewing and Data Editing
• Viewing of channels (in DIAdem VIEW or REPORT)
on multiple pages with different views
• Viewing of videos and barrier forces synchronized to channel data
• Creating report pages
• Saving screenshots from the total view
• Generating a video of the total view (channel diagrams and videos)
• Comparative viewing of different tests (channels and videos)
• Extensive edit functions (QuickEdit)
• Channel check functions to support quick data validation
• Calculation functions to calculate new channels and injury risks (QuickCalc)

Analysis and Report
• Powerful VBScript macros to analyse data and to create report pages
• Ready-to-use macros for a large variety of regulations
• Automated analysis and reporting possible
• Summary of several tests (e.g. EuroNCAP total rating, see chapter 1.1.4)
• Comparative analysis and report
series of tests, comparison of left impact with right impact, left-hand drive with right-hand drive, comparison of measured channels with those derived from video analysis (target tracking).
• Report with title sheet and automatically generated contents sheet
• Report generation in a variety of formats (e.g. PDF, WMF, JPEG, MS-PowerPoint, Paper)
• PDF-Report with bookmark tree for easy navigation

Project Specific Functionality
Predefined project types can provide specific functionality by VBS script extensions.
As an example in the following some functionality of the Euro NCAP project will be described:

Example: Euro NCAP Project
• Report pages summarizing the pedestrian tests
• Report page with the total rating
• Export of all results to the Euro NCAP spreadsheet
• Direct access to the Euro NCAP spreadsheet

• Powerful customizing by using VBScript and DIAdem functionality.
• Extendable analysis functions by creating company specific analysis macros (VBS). These macros have access to standard macros and the powerful macro library.
• Creating company specific report layouts
• Company logo or logo of companies customer
• Extendable user interface


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