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New DASYLab 2016 launched

For more than 20 years DASYLab DASYLab is known as an Easy to Use software. And this does not come by chance: From beginning DASYLab was designed for data logging tasks created with few mouse clicks. Even more complex applications in measurement technology and control tasks are solved with DASYLab quickly and without external programming. function (blocks are placed on the worksheet and are linked with each other by connection lines. They represent inputs or outputs, operation modules or display instruments, the connection lines the signal flux.
All functions can be customized intuitively via configuration dialogs to the respective element. Also you can create your on functional modules with the Script Modul, that uses the well-known Python Script to implement the needed functions.
Also for a report creation only few mouse clicks are enough. On worksheet visualization functions are placed exactly like the function (modules and as easily you place these visualization elements on a layout page, where you can scale and customize it.
However, not least a role for the success of DASYLab is the immense number in supported hardware products.
Beside the huge number of drivers as plug-in solutions directly in PC such as hardware cards or USB devices, DASYLab also supports various interfaces and bus systems.
DASYLab supports via IEEE-488 bus up to 15 devices. By the master / Slave architecture of the RS232 input module DASYLab serves up to 256 canals at its serial interface. ICom and Modbus modules extends the use of the serial interfaces around the TCP/IP protocol, so a huge number of external devices can be used. Because it is rather simple to implemented it on any serial interfaces, it has found a wide propagation.
Today many distributed systems or memory-programmable controls use OPC server software. DASYLab can also serve as a client OPC.
Data banks are accessed with the ODBC modules and DASYLab is able to place the results of complete series of experiments into e.g. a company data bank.
In spite of this features DASYLab remains loyal in all cases to his Easy to Use slogan and ambitious measuring tasks are also realizable for the "newcomer" in the shortest time.

Download DASYLab 2016    
md5 Checksum DASYLab 2016

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What is new in DASYLab 2016

  Overview of Functions

   DASYLab 2016 Driver Compatibiliy List

  Previous versions of DASYLab      

Download DASYLab 2016
md5 Checksum DASYLab 2016

  Overview of Functions

   DASYLab 2016 Driver Compatibiliy List

  Previous versions of DASYLab      

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