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X-Conn Runout – highly precise, mobile and easy to use

X-Conn Runout is an unique easy to use device to measure the roundness and roughness of engine, turbine- and generator drive shafts.
Its software concept offers with a reducing of the substantial needs also untrained users an easy usage to perform successfully high exact measurements.

Applicable for each shaft diameter
Highly precise sensors to reach exactness of 1 µm or better
Software supported on-place calibration and optimization of the range of measurement
Output of the roundness profile on screen or as printed protocol
Portable caused by its compact design
two models - all-in-one system with integrated IPC or designed as 1HE 19” system to be plugged at a notebook USB port

In large machines often big drive shafts perform their work, whose bearing seats belong to the maximumstressed parts. A crucial criterion for long service lives is thereby the roundness and surface quality of these surfaces. A mobile measuring station, which can be transported between the respective work and assembling places also in rough industrial environment, offers the necessary flexibility to perform accomplish measurements directly during the manufacturing and assembly and also in maintenance.
The roundness of the wave is taken up with an inductive spacer sensor, alternatively with a mechanical tracer, which is put on directly on the surface of the wave. Their output signals reflect directly the surface quality. Parallel with the measurement the position of the sensor on shaft is logged with an angle coder. So the allocation of the surface quality and roundness to the position on the shaft is possible at any time.

The platform for the measurement and evaluation software is LabVIEW, which is like the measuring hardware components a product of national instrument. The program recognizes automatically the attached variant of the hardware. The menu structure is clearly arranged and with the combined function key and mouse operation it enables also the untrained operator to use the program . The number of option is consciously small held and reduces the danger of faulty operations and measurements.

The software now permits the selection of German, English and Russian.
The optional (hardware side) available extension to 2 channels permits alternatively the connection of mechanical or inductive sensor at channel 1, while the optional 2nd channel is appropriate for inductive sensors. The zero point calibration is optionally possible with an external, cable-bound switch. By the fact it avoids that the user must run back and forth between the shaft with the sensors and the measuring box. If the desired measuring point on the wave cannot be reached with a sensor, with two inductive sensors this inaccessible measuring point can be interpolated by their measuring positions. Likewise recesses such as slots or drillings planned in manufacturing are out-counted if necessary from the results. To improve dissolution/accuracy you can switch measuring range with factor 10. Own text designs in the record offer high flexibility to create individual records adapted to the respective enviroment.

Test preparation and calibration
At the beginning of each measurement the displacement gauge is placed above the surface of the shaft. For adjusting intor the correct positioning above the surface the current measured value is shown in rough scaling as perpendicular bars. The sensor is positioned in the way that the bar appears as small and centered as possible. So an optimal measuring range with maximum resolution is reached.

Investigation and data evaluation
During measurement each tenth degree space a measured value is logged and plotted. The current position (0 - 360 degrees) shows a running cursor. After a complete revolution the just taken values are stored and displayed as curve in anlternate color. The last already indicated measuring curve is overwritten when starting a new turn. For evaluation the difference between largest and smallest value is computed and indicated as numeric value. It serves the service personnel as criterion to decide whether the wave must be worked over again. The diagram permits the operator to find each position on the shaft where remachining is necessary (e.g. rough parts, embossment). For later comparison the current curve can be stored. It can be faded in later as additional curve. This possibility of comparison permits a direct evaluation of the success of a rework.

The new Release

In September 2012 measX released a new version of the Runout shaft measurement system with an additional language option: Russian







  download X-Conn Runout data sheet 
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