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M O S E S - The Software in Driving Dynamics Measurement
MOSES is more than a simple software to make driving dynamics measurement.

Depending on the needed sensor equipment a system for measurement was developed perfectly fitted to assist drivers performing measurements in driving dynamics.


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Optimize your test programs
Use your driving dynamics test resources more efficiently
Select from more than 50 predefined standard maneuvers
Rate your tests online in the test vehicle
Provide your drivers comprehensive online information during the test run
Acquire data from analogue sensors, CAN and strap down platforms

MOSES Maneuver oriented data acquisition software for driving dynamics tests

Driving dynamics tests are expensive and use a lot of resources.
This applies especially to the time for test drives with completely equipped vehicles on the proving ground and on the road. Necessary steps for an optimized use of the testing time are a detailed test preparation and the optimization of the individual driving maneuvers. The tools in use must be flexible and guarantee to adapt the order of tests to the external conditions.

MOSES offers a complete software environment to support the workflow of driving dynamics tests on the proving ground.
Test projects contain series of measurements which consist of predefined or specially configured maneuvers.

MOSES stores data in DIAdem format in predefined directories containing the complete measurement series. In addition to the specific measurement signals of each maneuver the data contain complete vehicle an test parameters for the in depth analysis.




MOSES supports you in all phases of planning, executing and analysing your driving dynamics test

Test Preparation
The test preparation contains the hardware definition and the assignment of the measured signals to the different acquisition channels. MOSES handles the dynamic signals as symbols in order to keep the maneuver definition independent from the hardware setup.

Maneuver Definition

MOSES contains more than 50 predefined standard maneuvers for different driving dynamic tests. The description of the maneuvers contains in addition to the required dynamic signals also necessary trigger conditions, validity criteria and the layout of online and offline screens which inform the driver during and directly after the execution about the quality of the test.


The sensor calibration is carried out in the fully equipped vehicle. Within specific calibration maneuvers you can carry out an offset correction, scaling and plausibility check for direction and orientation.

Test Execution and rating of results
MOSES supports the driver in performing the individual tests by giving maneuver specific information. The driver can rate the data online and he will get acoustic and optic warnings if the signal is out of the valid range. He can repeat the maneuvers in any sequence as often as necessary. After each run MOSES analyses the actual acquired signals and compares them with previous runs. This information is the basis for the driver decision how often to repeat individual tests. That direct evaluation of a maneuver is increased and also simplified with MOSES version 2.24. Almost all valid criteria are definable by the integration of the Python Script-Engines and can be applied to the test measurement. So both quality and validation marker can be adapted individually by the user. For example in- and outspeed of track change maneuver may be calculated without much expenditure.

Definition of Variants

MOSES supports the typical workflow in driving dynamics tests by variant handling. In each sequence one specific parameter can be varied.

List of implemented Maneuvers

  • stationary circular-course driving (ISO 4138)
  • yaw reinforcement
  • sudden steering-angle change (ISO 7401)
  • frequency progression (ISO 7401)
  • load reversal - release of the accelerator (ISO 9816)
  • braking in a turn (ISO 7975)
  • passing a crosswind blower (ISO 12021-1)
  • braking on µ-split (ISO 14512)
  • VDA obstacle-avoidance test (ISO 3888-2)
  • steering wobble (ISO 17288)
  • weave test (ISO 13674-1)
  • double track change (ISO 3888-1)
  • car-trailer combination (ISO 9815)
  • free measuring
  • wheel clearance
  • starting & braking
  • load reversal rev-up
  • braking on low friction
  • starting on low friction
  • load reversal reaction in circles
  • high-speed braking
  • parking
  • 10 x 36 m slalom

Moses Data Acquisition

  • CAN (Vector)
  • iMAR Strap Down Platform
  • RMS Strap Down Platform

    request for further sensors and measurement systems
  • XCP Support via Vector CANape
  • Correvit Sensors
  • Calculated Channels

Download Demo MOSES
Before starting the MOSES Demo setup you have to installe a National Instruments LabVIEW Runtime.
Follow the link to download: NI LabVIEW Runtime

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