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X-Frame® - Modular, scalable and efficient

Create, maintain, evaluate and use test data

Analyse, present and document test data automatically
Flexible and reliable platform X-Frame,
based on DIAdem® of National Instrument™
Uniform user interface covering different
projects and tasks of evaluation
All-embracing administration of user rights, evaluation methods and report-layouts
Open for different data formats and
data storages (files, ASAM-ODS)
Customised complete solutions

Collecting data always has the same intention: to make visible the contained information of the measurement and transform it to usuable data. For this process usually (software -) tools as DIAdem are used, which support the user to create interactive presentation of data analysis and information. With repeating tasks and a large number of users it is recommend to simplify the usage of standard tools with an automatisation and adaption to enable also user, not so familar with the evaluation tool, to process his data too.

With this background specific solutions are developed in nearly all companies - also by assistance of measX - that summarized its extensive experiences now in the concept of X-Frame. A goal of X-Frame is to rationalize and make more economical the creating of user-specific evaluation systems by the use of standardized concepts.The base of X-Frame is the software DIAdem, that offers all necessary basic functions as well as a framework application created with the DIAdem customizing tools, that includes the framework and basic components from typical evaluation systems.

Both, the creator and the user of in that way developed applications make profit by the advantages X-Frame.




  • By the use of an uniform tool for data evaluation the expenditure for installation and administration can be minimized.
  • The modular realization concept reduces the implementation expenditure for new evaluation projects to not yet existing components and individual adjustments.
  • Uniform user dialogs and uniform Look & Feel with all evaluation projects reduce the costs of training course for the users to a minimum.
  • Central, project-spreading administration of users, computing procedures, layouts and data sources minimizes the administration expense.
  • In the case of use of the ASAM ODS standard for data base accesses no implementation expenditure develops for the integration of new data bases.

X-Frame Features

  • Document management
  • Multi layer user administration
  • Integration of the DIAdem navigator into an evaluation environment / automated control of data cache / generic access to data sources via plugins
  • Different data sources – from flat files to databases
  • Layout controlled (automated) generation of reports
  • Comfortable data-navigator
  • Supported data formats: DIAdem, ATF files, Excel files, ASAM databases, SQL databases
  • Comparative analysis of different measurements
  • Characteristic field analysis and isoline representation (3D-areas)
  • Statistics for database attributes for selected measurements
  • Evaluation of sections or cycles within a measurement
  • Creation of graphic reports with predefined elements
  • Predefined mathematical methods available via key stroke in the report area
  • Easy extension by means of the VBS interface.
  • Automatic selection of evaluation methods and layouts based on the actual measurement (evaluation type and layout strategy)
  • Automation by means of layout sequences
  • Remote operation controlled by job files which automatically trigger the evaluation process
  • Batch processing
  • Interactive graphic design of report and layout
  • Different output devices for reports
  • Comfortable and parametrizable test data editor

Technical Specification

Data management and system administration

  • Database maintenance
    • Import of data
    • Export and exchange of data
    • Database maintenance
  • User administration
    • Grant of user rights / password protection
    • Administration of user specific configurations and parameters
  • Application development
    • Use of standard components (DIAdem, Magellan)
  • Analysis and Reporting
    • User interface
    • Selection and configuration of evaluation and reports
    • Data navigation
    • Filters / data retrieve / navigation in data inventory

Data StorageSystem analysis

  • Analysis of data sources
    • Analysis of task and work flow
  • ASAM-ODS Data modeling
    • Predefined data models
    • Application specific data models
    • Predefined catalogues for units,
      channel identifiers etc.
  • Server Setup
    • Ready to use database solution
    • ASAM-ODS / SQL database /
      Mixed mode server / file server
    • Windows NT / HP UX / Linux


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