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NEW DASYLab 2016 released ...
The most important new feature in Version 2016 is the adaption to 64-bit operating systems and a significant increase in internal accuracy.

Click for 'New in DASYLab 2016' info

created: 04. Oct. 2016
X-Press 1-2016: The new Newsletter was released (German)
A new issue of the Newsletter X-Press is released. As always with news, info and internals of measX

Open here: Newsletter 1-2016

created: 05. May 2016
Flying high ...
... with measX. Another Indoor Windtunnel will be opened soon at Ice Mountain Fun Park in Comines-Warneton, Belgien

created: 01. Feb. 2016
The new measX XPress 2-2015
The new measX newsletter XPress 2-2015 has been published. Read the latest news about the company measX. This time, with a focus on test bench modernization.

created: 13. Oct. 2015
Invitation for the VIP 2015 congress at National Instruments in Fuerstenfeldbruck
Visit us at the VIP 2015 in Fuerstenfeldbruck.
On Oct. the 21. and 22. measX presents its service offer and software solutions.

created: 03. Sept. 2015
measX Days of Technology
Visit the "Days of Technology" on Sept.08. in Moenchengladbach and Sept.22. in Ludwigsburg.
Interesting topics await for you!

Hier Klicken für more Info (German)

created: 01. Sept. 2015
Automotive Testing Expo
(June, 16.-18.)

Besuchen Sie uns im Neuen Messezentrum in Stuttgart.
Sie finden uns auf Stand 1759.

Hier Klicken für weitere Info

created: 26. May 2015
X-Frame successful in ASAM-Crosstest 2014
During ASAM-ODS-Crosstest 2014 measX has proven their clientsoftware X-Frame cooperates seamlessly with a varriety of ASAM-ODS servers. ...

created: 25. Nov. 2014
DASYLab 13 Online Order
Order Now!
Get your new DASYLab 13 or upgrade your "old" DASYLab!

created: 16. Aug. 2013
MOSES Demo Version
You want to learn more about the Driving Dynamic Software MOSES?
Get more Information and load your Demo Version here:
Info/Download MOSES Demo

created: 03. June 2013
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