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X-Frame successful in ASAM-Crosstest 2014
During ASAM-ODS-Crosstest 2014 measX has proven their clientsoftware X-Frame cooperates seamlessly with a varriety of ASAM-ODS servers. ...

created: 25. Nov. 2014
DASYLab 13 Online Order
Order Now!
Get your new DASYLab 13 or upgrade your "old" DASYLab!

created: 16. Aug. 2013
MOSES Demo Version
You want to learn more about the Driving Dynamic Software MOSES?
Get more Information and load your Demo Version here:
Info/Download MOSES Demo

created: 03. June 2013
DASYLab 13 Beta Version.
measX offer as Beta a pre-version of the Easy-to-Use Software DASYLab 13 for testing.
Download BETA DASYLab 13

created: 24. May 2013
X-Conn Runout now avalable in Russian Language
The well known tool to measure the roundness and roughness of engine, turbine- and generator drive shafts is now available in Russian language

created: 12. Oct. 2012
A warm welcome in the office Ludwigsburg
Since Oct., 1st. measX is no longer represented in Stuttgart. Now you will find us at our new office in Ludwigsburg:
   measX GmbH & Co. KG
   Martin-Luther-Straße 55
   71636 Ludwigsburg

Also in future our training for the area south take place there.

created: 01. Oct. 2012
In Munich measX was honored as "Alliance partner of the Year 2012"
The reason Georg Plaßwilm, NI sales leader, gave was especially the engagement and the success of measX concerning applications in test data management.

created: 05. June 2012
More Indoor-Skydiving Places
In Voss/Norway measX equips the second Indoor Skydiving plant with the necessary measurement and control technology. A third is build by Indoor Skydiving Germany in St. Petersburg (Russia).
Download Application Report (German)

created: 07. Feb. 2012
measX and EuroNCAP cooperate
Euro NCAP chose X-Crash, because it provides a complete implementation of all evaluation criteria that are kept constantly up to date. Click to load PI

created: 04. Nov. 2011
Actual Offers: Hard-/Software Bundles
DS NET + DASYLab12 / DS 43 + DASYLab 12
Save an advantage up to 1.000 Euro.
and start into the "distributed" data acquisition with the hardware solutions of DEWESoft and the Easy-to-Use software DASYLab 12

created: 16. Sept. 2011
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