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Application Reports Overview in alphabetical order
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Characeristic Curves of chemical pumps html Standards in Test Rig Application
The test stand acquires characteristic curves of standard chemical pumps. It determines the relationship of the flow rate to pump efficiency, head, and delivery rate. The flow rate is measured directly, all other values are calculated depending on related

28. Jan. 2004

Component Test System html  Component Testsystem based on DASYLab
 The component test system tests the function of exhaust gas recirculation valves and butterfly valves and of air throttles which are operated on Pierburg control devices.

28. Jan. 2004

Data Evaluation and Reporting html New Software Solutions for Test Data Management 
The data management involved in archival, retrieval, and generating useful reports is becoming increasingly complicated. The data management system must integrate off-the-shelf tools for statistics, modeling, and mathematical calculations.

01. Feb. 2006

Drive shaft measurement html X-Conn WV- a new all-in-one solution by measX
X-Conn WV is an unique easy to use device to measure the roundness and roughness of engine, turbine- and generator drive shafts.

24. May 2007

Familiar (PDF) html
The Delphi Family One Tester
Using standard components also helps to keep the costs down and enables usage in other locations because obtaining spare parts is easier (availability, delivery times).

03. July 2006

For Teststand and Office (PDF) html
X-Frame - the Universal Evaluation Platform
A large Swabian automobile manufacturer has for the car engine development alone a great number of test stands for engines and engine-components.

03. July 2006

Invehicle Test System html Flexible and mobile for your safety
With the Brake Test System (BTS) you can measure all relevant parameters necessary to qualify vehicle brakes. You can use the system to develop and certify hydraulic and pneumatic brake systems as well as performance tests and temperature monitoring.

28. Jan. 2004

Maintenance without Delay (PDF) html
Calibration Test Stand at Infraserv Hoechst
Infraserv Hoechst repairs, among others, flow rate measurement devices in its measurement and control workshop.

03. July 2006

Neural (PDF) html
Quality Based Process Monitoring and Controlling – „NEPRES“
For complex manufacturing processes it is becoming increasingly common to monitor and to warrant the process quality with con-tinually acquired process data.

03. July 2006

Piston Ring Contour Measurement html  The Fine Difference
 Piston rings serve a wide range of purposes, so they play a major role in engine performance. Rising engine performance levels constantly increase shape and quality requirements.

02. March 2004

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